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A Wild At Heart Sailing Adventure!

A Unique Sailing Adventure - Men Only!
Raw, Wild & Authentic

14 - 21 september 2024

God Wants His Men Back!

“Every man dies, but not every man lives.”

William Wallace – in de film Brave Heart

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Wild At Heart Adventure

A Men-Only Sailing Adventure where men discover the secret of their heart and soul. We use the best seller book of John Eldredge: Wild At Heart. 

Everyone reads this book in preparation of the adventure, we use it as basis for the daily discussions, that form a crucial part of the trip.

We’ll talk about significant and important lifequestions and about God.

This is not a biblestudy or your usual men-gathering. No this is raw, wild and authentic.

During the day we have a great time sailing, navigating and manoeuvering in Greek waters and when we anchor for the night, the best part of the trip starts: deep, lifechanging conversations where we share our lifestories with each other!

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Ready for adventure?
Welcome Aboard
Welcome aboard
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Where Does The Adventure Take Place?

In Greece on board of the Morning Star

Built Especially For Evangelism & Discipleship!

Morning Star Sails Up 800 1

The Morning Star has been used as a unique platform for discipleship and a floating pulpit for evangelism for four decades. 

This beautiful, steel-hulled schooner was originally built with the express intent and purpose of taking the gospel to the far-flung islands of the Pacific. 

For ten years, the Morning Star was used by Global Youth Evangelism to bring the gospel and aid to many islands in the South Pacific, Central America and as far as Hawaii.

In July 1985, the Morning Star was handed over to Hellenic Ministries to reach out to the islands and coastline of Greece. 

The yacht was sailed from San Diego through the Panama Canal and up the East Coast where she underwent an extensive overhaul, equipping her to meet the needs of ministry in Greece. 

With another brave crew she set sail across the Atlantic, arriving in Greece in August 1987. 

Since then the Morning Star has been fulfilling the vision of taking the gospel to the islands of Greece and beyond.

And she is the perfect boat for a Wild At Heart Sailing Adventure!

Who Organises This & What Are The Costs?

Allow me to introduce myself

My name is Robert Feddes

I came to a living faith in Jesus Christ in Australia in 1987. I have been sailing since I was young, and together with my wife Danielle, we accepted responsibility for Dolphin 3 Discipleship. That boat was donated especially for missionary work on the Greek islands. You can read more about that on this site.

For my work – as a team builder and leadership trainer – I have run many team building events on board of classic Dutch sailing vessels. As a follower of Jesus, with this program I want to organize a challenging adventure for Men of God.

With this 7-day Sailing Challenge, my aim is to Men of God embrace their man-design the way God meant it!

Robert Feddes

“When my wife and I took on responsibility for the Dolphin 3 in 2019, the first significant challenge arose immediately – preparing the more than 40-year-old boat, which was on the Azores, for an Atlantic crossing.

In the summer of 2021, Robert and crew sailed the 33-foot small boat across the immensely vast ocean from the Azores to the Netherlands.

Wild At Heart is a beautiful theme to delve into with men aboard a sailing boat.

I’m excited! Will you join us?”

What does the program look like?

  • Saturday - Arrival in Athens and transportation to Porto Astro, the bay where the Morning Star is anchored.
  • Sunday - Departure to the islands of Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonisos, and Skyros. Along the way, we'll share our life stories as men.
  • Monday to Friday - Sailing, maneuvering, navigating, and daily discussions to support each other as Men of the Most High God. We'll use the book "Wild At Heart" as a foundation for these discussions.
  • Saturday - Disembarkation and departure from Porto Astro back to Athens for the return flight.
  • Meals and drinks are provided on board and are included in the travel cost. If we decide to eat or drink ashore, those costs will be additional, with participants treating the crew. All crew members (2 persons) are missionaries.

Who is this for?

For men who want to invest in their lives as men and followers of Christ. For men unafraid of delving into the depths of their lives – depths based on God’s plan for men.

Men, like no other, have the ability to only show each other the fig leaf that everyone so easily puts on ever since the fall in the garden of Eden.

The real challenge of this trip is for men to take off the masks and grow together as real men in the true sense that God intended.

Of course, as tough men, we’d prefer to handle our own affairs…

…at least, I certainly would.

But the so-called ‘School of Hard Knocks’ has taught me that the Christian life works best in collaboration with others.

And Men of God need each other in these times.

So, if you want to progress as a man of God, whether you’re a father, husband, bachelor, entrepreneur, employee, retired, successful, or struggling – it doesn’t matter…

… if any of this resonates with you, then this is for you.


880 Euros, excluding flight fares to and from Athens, including meals and drinks on board, and harbor fees.

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Limited Spots - 10 Men Only!

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