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Dolphin 3 Discipleship

Reaching People for Christ in the Islands and Ports of Greece

"How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher?" Romans 10:14

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Greek People Need To Hear The Good News Of Jesus Christ

Even though the New Testament was written in Greek, nowadays less than 1% of the Greek people are born again

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  • There are 10.6 million people living in Greece, of which 1.5 million people on the islands
  • There are 227 inhabited islands spread over 9 island groups
  • Reaching island inhabitants with the gospel presents a special challenge to traditional mission strategies
  • Unique opportunities arise for effective outreach using boats, that can serve as floating house churches
  • Many islands do not even have 1 single born again believer

Far too many Greek people have never even heard the gospel.

You can help change that.

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Why Greece - Why Boats - Why YOU

No Matter Who Or Where You Are, You Can Help Spread The Good News About Jesus Christ To People In The Ports And Islands of Greece

You Can:

We Are All Called To Go And Make Disciples, So If You Have A Heart For Missions, Boats And Greece, Then Why Not Join?

Dolphin 3 Discipleship

There are 4 ways you can join our team.

Which one is right for you?

Prayer Warriors

Our Air Force

Prayer moves the hand of God. And without God moving, we run the risk of being busy without ever getting anywhere.

That is why we first and foremost need Prayer Warriors.

We call this our Air Force, preparing the breakthroughs on their knees.

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Prayer Warriors

Wrench Turners

Our Boat Techies

To keep Dolphin 3 moving as a Missions Boat we spend time keeping the boat seaworthy and safe.

The apostle Paul was shipwrecked in the waters we sail in. And even though we want to follow in Paul’s footsteps, we’d rather not get shipwrecked ourselves.

That is why we take safety of Dolphin 3 very seriously. So if you have two right hands and want to serve in that capacity, get in touch.

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Wrench Turner Dan

Come Along Workers

Our Missionary Parners

We are a non-denominational ministry.

Or maybe we should say we are a ministry that is just about 1 NAME: The Name of The King of Kings, Jesus Christ.

If you have a heart for Greece and want to come along and sail and do ministry on some of the islands, then this might be your way to help.

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Come Along And Preach

Kingdom Investors

Our Kingdom Investors

To keep a mission boat sailing requires dedicated people in different areas.

Sailing Dolphin 3 Discipleship is first and foremost about people heeding a call to participate in the Great Commission with the use of boats.

And He Who calls is Faithful.

So He provides. And He uses people to provide what is needed.

If you are one who loves to provide and send, then please join the team.

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Come Along And Play Violin

Meet The Organization

Broad Reach Maritime

Dolphin 3 Discipleship is part of the growing fleet of Broad Reach Maritime

Broad Reach Maritime is the maritime branch of Hellenic Ministries.

Hellenic Ministries (HM) was the first national Greek evangelical and missionary organization to modern Greece. HM was founded in 1980 by Costas Macris. Here’s a link to the website of Hellenic Ministries where you can read about the rich and unique history of this mission.

Below you’ll see a video where Alex Macris, director of Broad Reach Maritime, explains the vision.

The vision that God gave to Alex Macris, took years of prayerfully seeking God and waiting for His time to move things forward.

And now God is moving things forward…

Dolphin 3 was offered for missionary work by a missionary living on the island of Terceira, part of the Azores, an island group in the middle of the Atlantic ocean.

That is when Alex made a phone call to the people who ended up becoming the crew…

Meet The Crew of Dolphin 3 Discipleship

Robert Danielle Feddes Skippers Dolphin 3
We'll let Robert tell how they ended up becoming the crew...

Robert & Danielle Feddes received a call...

It was a wintermorning in 2018 when the phone rang…

It was my friend and brother in Christ, Alex Macris, calling from Greece…

“Robert, do you remember the advice you gave me?…

…that when God’s time comes and people donate a boat for the vision…

…I should not take on an extra boat myself but should find someone to take responsibility for it, remember that?”

Yes, I did remember, and also why I gave it.

You see, in Holland we consider boats Black Holes on water where money disappears…

So yes I did remember the advice.

Alex continued:

“Well, how about you take responsibility for the first boat that has just been offered?”

Retired US Airforce Colonel Donates Boat For Missions

Dolphin 3 Donated

Of course there is more to say about this...

That's why you'll find pages on this site about The Mission, The Team and The Boat, so you can read all about the exciting stories so far. It has already proven to be quite the adventure!

But for now we'd like to ask you this question...

Greek Island Groups

Dolphin 3 Discipleship

Would You Like To Join Our Team

And Be Part Of The Wind In Our Sails?

We welcome anyone who has a heart for the Gospel - The Good News - about Jesus Christ. AND who desires to be part of a work God is doing around the Greek Islands and the Greek People.

If so, let me show you how to get involved:

So, if you also want to...

Be Part of What God is Doing In Greece via Boats

Here's what to do now:

  1. Fill In The Form Below

    Fill in the form to receive the updates to learn more about us, the work and the people involved so far.

  2. Pray About Your Involvement

    Next step is to pray about Greece, the islands, the work and if getting involved more might be God's plan for you.

  3. Join Our Team

    If so, then decide in what capacity you would like to join the team. It always starts with prayer.

  4. Ofcourse, if... ...then

    If you believe God might be calling you to come along and serve for longer term in Greece, then...

  5. Schedule A Call &

    Let's get to know each other, and discuss options and possibilities and see if we are a good fit to work together, and if so...

  6. Let Us Help You

    We'll get you in touch with the right people in Broad Reach Maritime to speed things along nicely.

  7. Get Involved In Greece!

    The Greek people need Jesus Christ more than anything else. So know you are needed and welcome to join!

Map Kings Fleet 1400

Did You Know?...

Jesus Christ, The King of Kings has a Fleet of Mission Boats Around The World

Dolphin 3 Discipleship sails under the flag of the Missionary Organization Broad Reach Maritime Greece.

Broad Reach Maritime and Dolphin 3 Discipleship are listed on the Kingsfleet Worldwide Maritime Missions website.

The KingsFleet network website gives an overview of currently 85 Maritime Missions worldwide!

We are excited to be part of The Fleet of The King of Kings!

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Dolphin 3 Discipleship

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Dolphin 3 Donated

Learn More About The Mission, The Team & The Boat...

There is quite the story behind donating a boat for missions work. Because what makes someone give away a boat that could have been sold for good money?

And what drives people to say yes to a boat that even though it was nice, it still required lots of work and money before it could safely cross the Atlantic ocean? And what drove the skipper to undertake an ocean crossing on this old sailboat from 1978, without ever having sailed any big crossings before?

And what drove a young guy from Canada to join the team and help get Dolphin 3 ready for it’s big crossing? What attracted this former rodeo rider who had no previous sailing experience to come and join the work?

And what is so special about Greece? How come it can nowadays be considered a mission field, was not the New Testament written in Greek? Did not the gospel go here first? So why Greece?

And why boats? What is so special about boats that they are used so often all over the world to bring the gospel to hard to reach people?

There are stories behind each and every one of those questions, and we feel blessed that Almighty God invited us into this story and we gladly pass on the opportunity to you so you can also become part of this story centered around boats and what God is doing in Greece and beyond. Who knows, we might even sail together!

So click on any of the stories below to read on and then join our team whenever you feel like it!...

  • The Mission

    Greek Island Groups
  • The Team

    Discover the Crew and how they got to sail in the Fleet of The King of Kings!
    Robert Danielle Feddes Skippers Dolphin 3
  • The Boat

    Discover the story behind the boat that was donated for missionary use
    Dolphin 3 Donated