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Bring Jesus to The Greek Islands & Bring Greek People To Jesus!

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Maybe You Ask?...

Why Greece? Why Boats?

And What About Us?...

How Did We Get Involved?

Let us tell you the story...

Saying YES to an old sailboat is never really smart, and if we had known all that was involved in getting this boat ready for an Atlantic ocean crossing...

...we might have backed out. But we didn't know and we did not back down, read all about it... Click the button below...

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Robert Danielle Feddes Skippers Dolphin 3
Reaching Greek Ports and Islands with The Gospel of Jesus Christ
Robert Feddes

Robert was brought up with sailing. Already at the age of 5 he got a jib sheet pushed into his hands. Later in life, Robert mainly sailed fast small catamarans in the A-class. Robert grew up in Hoek van Holland (The Netherlands), went to the Dutch Reformed Church there and came to a living faith in Jesus Christ at a Capernwray Bible School in Australia. Robert has been involved with Hellenic Ministries, a Greek Missionary Organization for 30 years already. And as skipper of the Dolphin 3, a new phase has now begun. Incidentally, he is following in the footsteps of his father Fokko Feddes, who, together with his wife Tineke, for many years did missionary work in Greek waters with their sailboat 'Dolfijn 2'.

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Why Greece

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Maybe You Ask?...

Why Greece? Why Boats?

  • Why Greece

    Why Greece?

    The Macedonian Call Today

    • Greece was the first European country to be evangelized (Acts 16:10)
    • Christianity is now mostly a cultural expression in name only.
    • Less than 3% of the population regularly attend church.
    • Evangelical churches represent less than 0.5% of the population.
    • The Macedonian call to come over and help evangelize is just as valid today as it was when the apostle Paul received the vision.
  • Map Kings Fleet 1400

    Why Boats?

    Because Jesus Used & Uses Them

    • And He sat down and taught the multitudes from the boat. Luke 5:3.
    • Jesus has many boats sailing in His fleet worldwide, look at the image to see where boats are used for ministry today.
    • Boats are floating house churches, easy to move from island to island.
    • Greek island people connect with boaters who keep on coming back to visit.
    • Boats are proven hospitality centers to start friendships with whom to share the Good News!
  • Come Along Workers

    Why You?

    Because We Need You And You Might Need It...

    • Missionary workers need a strong prayer base to back them up.
    • Christians who get involved and help, become part of the adventure themselves.
    • This allows you to be part of a work that God is doing in Greece.
    • We have to warn you though: you would not be the first who gets involved, then to go on and join the mission!
    • Mission work can be tough, and having a group of people behind us, is like having favorable winds in our sails!